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Dead Crowler Society

Dead Armadillo's Membership Club

Dead Crowler Society is your ticket to taking home exclusive and rare taproom-only releases. Receive one rare crowler per month with your membership, as well as DCS-exclusive swag, custom glassware, member-only events, and the option to purchase additional crowlers. 

What is a crowler?

Crowler is just a fun mashup of the words "can" and "growler." A can, well you know what that is. A growler is a jug that craft beer fans use to take beer home from a taproom. A crowler is a 32 oz. can that is filled fresh from the tap and sealed onsite, allowing you to take home the freshest possible beer, straight from the source.

What do I get with a Dead Crowler Society membership?

The Dead Crowler Society members get a monthly allocated 32 oz. crowler of specialty limited release beer, with the option to purchase additional crowlers.


Members also get a commemorative swag bag, exclusive glassware, a member card, and a Dead Crowler Society welcome party, as well as additional specialty tastings and events throughout the year.

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