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BREW YOUR OWN Tulsa flag

Tulsa Flag was originally brewed to promote The Tulsa Flag Project, an initiative to create a crowdsourced public domain logo for the City of Tulsa. In the spirit of the Tulsa Flag, we've decided to make our recipe available in a five gallon batch size, so you can brew it at home.

Great ideas - and great beers - are better when shared. 

Tulsa Flag Homebrew Recipe


8 lb. (90.1%) 2-Row Malt

7 oz. (4.9%) Munich 10L Malt

7 oz. (4.9%) Vienna Malt

0.25 oz. Perle Hops, boil for 60 minutes

0.25 oz. Perle Hops, boil for 40 minutes

1 oz. Crystal Hops, boil for 20 minutes

0.5 Whirlfloc Tablet, boil for 15 minutes

1 packet of Safale US-05 yeast, added to fermenter


Mash grains with 13.5 quarts of filtered water at a temperature of 150° for 40 minutes. Recirculate for 15 minutes, then raise mash temperature to 168° over 15 minutes. Sparge with 178° water for 45 minutes to reach a kettle volume of 6 gallons. 

Boil the wort for 75 minutes, following the hop schedule above. When the boil is complete, whirlpool the wort rigorously and allow it to settle before cooling and transferring to a fermenter. Pitch yeast only when wort is cooled below 75° fahrenheit. Ferment at 68° for two weeks.


Original Gravity: 1.050

Terminal Gravity: 1.010

Color: 4 SRM

Alcohol: 5.22% ABV

Bitterness: 20.8 IBU

Efficiency: 80%

Attenuation: 80%

Calories per 12 oz.: 164.22 kcal

Pickle-ada at home


  • 2 oz Bloody Mary Mix 

  • Hot Sauce to taste

  • 12 oz of Dead Armadillo Pickle Recovery 

  • Garnish with a pickle spear, olive and lime wedge

  • Rim glass with Tajin seasoning 

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